Mum WAS the word: SECRET'S OUT!

Much opposed to my original plan to wait 3 months, mums no longer the word. Mom is.


I'm 6 1/2 weeks in counting, found out a couple of days before Christmas, and have been happily nauseous, deliriously tired, and unfortunately hormonal ever since.

Mark my words: I am NOT complaining. I am over the moon grateful and so completely aware of the miracle happening inside me at this very moment. I've prayed for friend's through difficulty in fertility and miscarriages and I know both the grace I don't deserve in this pregnancy, and the potential for tragedy. The fact that there's a beating heart so close to my own right now is an act of God that I can't wrap my head around. I just can't hold it in anymore.

We planned to keep this to ourselves for the classic 3 months other than our families, but my symptoms proved extremely obvious especially at Winter Conference when we were surrounded by so many of our dear friends and I kept having to cancel plans and get people to cover my shifts as I was vomiting and unable to stay awake because the nausea would keep me up at night. When we told certain people they weren't surprised at all because what other perfectly healthy, trying-to-conceive, newly married, young woman is just barfing. For days on end. For no reason? Let's not forget Swine Flu is still a real concern for many people so we couldn't just leave them guessing...

So there you have it women. Please pray for me and mini-morrice as my dear friend Cath has named him or her. The possibilities of miscarriage scare me but at the same time, if it were to happen, I wouldn't want to go through it alone, I would want prayer and love and support from as many people as possible - so the secret is out. Sort of.

You're all special to me and that's why you're reading this blog in the first place. We've only told our closest friends, family, and our staff team in Montreal so now that you know, please refrain from telling ANYBODY. It's special news that we hope to deliver to our more extended circle 6 weeks from now if all goes according to plan.


  1. I am so happy for you, Em, John and I will already be praying for your little one, that he/she would come to know their Savior and live their life for Him. We'll pray for you and Brad as you take on this huge new role as parents. God is good and He's all you need. Just something I'm learning these days. : ) Rejoicing with you girl.

  2. Very exciting Emily! Congrats to you guys! Ditto what Sarah said, God is good. TO YOU. No matter what happens.
    I'll be praying for you guys. Sorry you're so sick (but ironically it's supposed to be a GOOD SIGN that things are going well).

  3. Anonymous7.1.10

    YEAH!!!! Congratulations so happy for you guys... :)

    PS. Diclectin did wonders for me (I was on it for the whole 9 months for sickness, it was a lifesaver)

    Erin S.

  4. Congrats Emily..!

    I am now though confused about your December 31st blog post! You knew you were pregnant at that time!

  5. Karen - I said I longest to write the post "I'm Pregnant"... because I could tell anyone yet, but I liked that it also made it appear as though I wasn't pregnant yet ;)

  6. Anonymous10.1.10

    congrats emily!
    SO excited for baby morrice to come into the world...praise the LORD for this gift!
    -amanda <3