who said pregnancy clothes are expen$ive?


My mom and sister visited this weekend and I got
nearly ALL of the necessary maternity clothes for under $150! I'm on cloud nine right now and I just wore jeans for the first time in 3-4 weeks. JEANS! Because these puppies are maternity, oooo ya! All of the clothes I got were ones I would totally wear if I weren't pregnant. Some of them were even not maternity but were just the perfect type of fit (i.e. SUPER long in the front and stretchy).


OLD NAVY...$82
Old Navy was great because this weekend they had their whole store at 30% off. Plus most of the maternity clothes I bought with the exception of the dresses were way marked down already, so we're talking 40% off of $6.95 in some cases!
  • 2 cute floral blouses (one yellow, one blue), one dressy black blouse (all blouses are short sleeve or 3/4 length), 1 orange tank top, 2 cute knee-length jersey cotton dresses (one black, the other white with grey stripes), 2 head bands (because they were ADORABLE....one had a tiny bow, the other 2 roses)
This was actually all non-maternity stuff but they has a deal going where you get 25% off if you spend $100 or more. With me, Lisa, and my mom, this was not hard.
  • one pink tank with attached scarf in the front, size large and perfectly stretchy and long, 2 pairs of cashmere socks, and one pair of opaque cranberry tights (ok most of this isn't necessarily "needed" except the tank, but the deals were enormous so I got some "pregnancy socks" which Brad laughs at along with my pregnancy shoes from Aldo for $15 - but to my defense, the shoes are slip on so I won't have to bend over making prego life much easier!)
This was the store I was paranoid to enter as I've heard time and time again, it's "soooo expensive!". Um, no it's NOT. You just need to buy at the right time and buy NOTHING at full price (which has always been my motto)
  • one pair of glamorous prego-jeans that fit perfectly and make me feel like a million bucks (this pair I tried on in Toronto while boxing-day shopping and was sad to hear they weren't on sale at all, and $70 was too much for me. Yesterday in Montreal the SAME pair was marked down to $39 with an additional 30% off!), and one 3/4 length dark purple shirt with a great neck line and pulling in all the right places!
I'm so thrilled and more sure than ever that I'll never pay full price for anything again! Feels good to have some clothes that fit and that I can look forward to wearing when I'm really big this spring and summer. Plus Loni lent me some skirts and shorts so I think I'm good to go minus some more tanks and t's :) Some pics below:

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