14 things to do in the 28 days of February

  1. watch Valentines Day (Feb 12th)
  2. Olympics Opening Ceremony (Feb 12th also...yikes a clash...)
  3. watch Olympics every spare minute I'm not sleeping or working
  4. continue saving so we can buy a house before next winter
  5. get over prego-nausea so I can start doing prego-yoga
  6. visit my hometown and family in Fonthill, ON on "Reading Week" which is more of a slow-paced-work-from-home kind of week with my job
  7. make valentine's for the girls in my DGs
  8. get back my taste for foods and energy for baking and bake yummy heart-shaped goodies
  9. enjoy winter in my new Hailey Boots from North Face (my birthday present from October '09 which just arrived!)
  10. buy a hot glue gun and do more crafting since point 7 likely won't happen for more than 1 day
  11. read lots of books (any suggestions?)
  12. start accumulating baby stuff (we're not letting ourselves buy anything for the baby until the 2nd trimester)
  13. start wearing more prego clothes (note previous post, LOVE the deals!)
  14. think of a great surprise for Brad to show him how much I love him <3>


  1. brad3.2.10

    You are incredible - I don't know how you managed to find all those clothes for so cheap. I still think you just stole it all and made up all those prices because they can't be for real.

    P.S. You are one hot pregnant chick.

  2. how did you get a blogging profile!?