Lately the gravy train has just been dumping it's goodness on me! I have posted about many of these things (hello cheap maternity clothes that are ADORABLE, finding a terrific pre-natal-massage-goddess, and feeling slightly better than last month!) but some are new even for you!

I posted bit ago on the side bar about some sermons I've been pondering and to be honest, when I first added them they were recommended to me but I hadn't yet listened to them. Perhaps not wise. Wouldn't have done that with a book or movie, but hey. But before I loose all credibility, I did listen to the one titled Women as Home Builders and can say I LOVE IT. I've always wanted to stay home with my babies and wanting 4, that will mean many years before they're all in school full-time! It could be because my mom stayed home with me until I was in school full-time and I loved those days. I can remember maybe 2 things from before the age of six, but one of them was peanut butter and banana sandwiches with mom in the afternoon. Just us. Bliss. Or it could be because even though I love my job, there's never been anything more appealing to me than being a mom (and some people will hear that and cringe. No judgment from me, but likewise, please don't judge). I don't know what the exact catalyst is or was, but the sermon appealed to me because it was a talk on women, especially those who stay home with their kids.

Great reminders were given: Being a stay-at-home mom doesn't mean sitting in your pjs watching soaps all day while your kids eat hard Mr. Noodles from the package, utilizing the time you have with them to teach them and not just entertain them, etc.

Great cautions were given: How do I spend my free time right now? With a baby coming, and most of my current responsibilities (minus my job) staying in tact, is my current lifestyle sustainable? UM NO. Good good caution resulting in me decising to spend WAY less time online among other things.

and Great encouragements were given: You're not loosing significance because you're not going into an office every morning and you're not lazy because you're not working (if you do the whole "home builder" instead of the "home lounger" style of being a stay-at-home-mom). Ahhhh all things I needed to hear.

If this kind of thing appeals to you, do check out the link. Was one of the good things of my week, and there were many :)

Other things are:
1. I'm 11 weeks pregnant tomorrow and the symptoms are actually slowing (as promised by that illusive 3 month mark but hard to believe in the midst of puke and pity)! I'm tired like woah still, but the nausea is much more manageable and I haven't thrown up in over a week. Could it have been 2 weeks? GLORY.

2. My doctor's appointment with Dr. Hall was pushed up a week from March 2nd to February 23rd (yay!)

3. My Quebec health card has been renewed and I'm good to go under this kooky government (let me tell you, I feel like I've been jumping firey hoops since I got here) giving me heaps more assurance that if anything goes wrong (or my appointment gets pushed forward - hello!), I'm a recognized Quebecor with insurance to boot.

4. I'm going home February 23rd (after the appointment) for a couple days to hang out with my mom and dad and Caily who will be in the neighborhood, and it will be a pure love-fest with relaxing as the top priority (and there will be a jacuzzi that I am already excited about)

5. With this new commitment to avoiding idleness (thus spending less time online) I'm getting SO MUCH done! Even with sleeping way more (and we're talking several hours more each night) and having less energy, limiting my online time (because TV isn't so much of a big time waster for me - although it will be for the 2 weeks of the Olympics, but let's be honest, it's my civil duty to cheer on team Canada....it's not really an option), I've been able to keep the house tidy and clean, spend time reading the Bible each day, work longer house, and do dinners and not become overwhelmed with the every day (which was happening on a semi-regular basis with the pregnancy, work, home, etc). VICTORY.

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