mm @ 11 weeks!

the size of a fig, but far less yummy.

Next week will be the big public reveal and I'm really excited. Finally the 1st trimester is over! It seems like it's taken FOREVER to be honest, with little to "show" for it since most people wouldn't be able to tell by looking at me that I am indeed a baby mama. It's frustrating because I know, and my old jeans know (and haven't fit for over a month), and the midsection weight gain isn't invisible, but that's exactly what it looks like - weight gain. horray. please come soon baby bump :)


  1. come ooon mm baby bump! i am excited for the big reveal and for the cute lil bump you shall soon be sporting ;D

  2. Hey Em, just out of curiosity..how do you know you're 11 weeks pregnant? You haven't had an ultrasound yet have you?

  3. the measure from the first day of your last period. the OB tells you "how pregnant you are" like a couple weeks in, it's not super high tech, it's just the same dating they always do. The ultra-sound will help know if you could go earlier than the due date they give you (mines AUgust 28th, but who knows when it will REALLY be :)