grandparents and belly buttons

I'm at home right now for a couple of days with my parents {note: my old home in Fonthill, not my new home in Montreal} and am head over heals for their grandparent tendencies!

Dad proudly rubbed my belly as soon as I came in the door and then urged Mom to "get the bag out, get it out!!" and Mom reappeared in a minute with a bag of toys they've been saving that friends have given them and even Baby Genius DVDs! They're both so excited and it's making me even more excited, which is a good thing since lately I've almost been forgetting that I'm actually having a BABY in 6 months. Wow. Reality check.

In other news, my belly button morphed in the last 24 hours and is now unrecognizable. I've always has an "inny" and still technically do, but there's no difference now, the skin is all the same "level" if that makes sense. I can run my hand over my belly button and don't feel any difference. Also, I used to have a belly button ring in high school, and if I still had it, it would have no skin to pierce since my tummy is starting to bulge. And all this happened in a DAY. It scared me at first, then fascinated, and now I'm just plain old excited since it's another sign of a growing belly, thus baby :)

Dad's now taking me to the local fabric store to look for fabrics for me to put in my nursery - talk about desperate to spend time together, I think it's the last thing he wants to do! Loving home right now so much!!


  1. Salut from Paris! I'm excited to hear your parents are excited. That whole belly button thing is totally weird, but COOL! I hope when I get back you have a visible baby bump!

  2. It all depends on what I'm wearing. I wore an outfit yesterday where I looked HUGE, plus I ate a lot and was constipated :P But then this morning, new outit, different story... But I took some great pics of my friends Tess and Caily hanging out with the bump that I'll post ;) Miss you Jess!