mm @ 14 weeks!

Ooo a lemon! But sweet not sour. Sweet because it's been over a week since I've last thrown up, sweet because my baby bump is noticeable making it more fun being treated and recognized as a pregnant woman (a lady on the train asked me how far along I was yesterday: MADE MY DAY), and sweet because 14 weeks is a good chunk of time. In other words, I DID IT :)

The 1st trimester is officially finished (they count these things in a really weird way, counting the 2 weeks before you conceive as part of the 40 total weeks of pregnancy)! I'm now a 2nd trimester prego, meaning I start more regular appointments with my doctor, I get to hear the heartbeat at my appointment on March 2nd (NEXT WEEK!) and in about 6 weeks we'll know if we're having a baby boy or girl!

I even chose the colours for our nursery which won't actually be in this house (Lord willing). We're hoping to be able to buy an apartment/condo/flat in the Fall, a couple of months after MM is born. So for the first couple months we're not going to move out our office and guest room from the additional bedroom, we'll just all party together with MM in his/her bassinet since they'll be feeding pretty much around the clock anyway.

This was kind of difficult since I had to choose the colours not really knowing what the room size or shape would be, but we went with orange and light green (not those exact shades though!). This part was so fun especially since I'll get to use some of the beautiful fabrics with my new sewing machine to make baby bedding, curtains, decorative pillows and am even going to cover a foot stool. I can't show pictures of the fabric now because I left it at home for my cousin to deliver when she comes since I was already on the train with lots of luggage, but it is inspired by rooms like this:


  1. Anonymous27.2.10

    Love it=:)!!!!

  2. knew you would!! wait til you see the fabrics!!!

  3. soo happy for you! i want to see your baby bump :D

  4. EM! This is all so exciting. I wish I could see you with your baby bump - how life is changing for you.

    Hope you have a wonderful Monday... even if the Olympics are over.

    Love you.