boys and girls

Most of you know that I'm a girl's girl. My hobbies include shopping and baking and I have never even thought about the reality that I could be the mom of boys, or even all boys.

I think it all began when my parents didn't have sons. And then my aunts and uncles closest to us didn't either. It was a girl's party. My cousins Maggie, Sarah, and Alysha were the extended family we spent the most time with, leaving zero room for boys to enter the brain. Then there were my dolls/barbies/imaginary friends: ALL GIRLS. Noticing a trend here? Not to mention I've never been the girl who's best buddies with guys... All my closest friends throughout the years have been Caily's, Tess's, Missy's, Catherine's, and Jamie's... GIRLS.

Naturally this is could all change in 6 weeks and I think it's just hitting me recently. Of course Brad is probably the most comfortable with boys since he has only brothers and I'll be thrilled no matter what the sex is, but part of me is a bit nervous of the potential of having a boy, or down the road, all boys. Can I swing it? I'm no hockey mom and I don't really "get" boys. But who knows?

At church I taught Sunday school today and there are two boys (brothers) who I adore. Miguel and Manuel. I thought to myself today: if my kids are like these, I could do boys! Often I get epiphanies like this, you know seeing the great things that boys bring to the table that girls can't, or thinking about how great it would be to "gain a daughter instead of lose a son" as they say in marriage, or the possibility for my future daughters having an older brother always looking out for them. I never had that and always was slightly jealous of those who did.

So we'll see. My 20 week ultra sound where I get to know the sex is in 6 weeks. I'll keep you all posted, and in the meantime, any advice on boys is welcome!


  1. You had to know I'd comment. :)
    I've always been someone who actually WANTED boys (and I actually DIDN'T want any girls - but I too had my girls as my closest friends - just too much drama...:D Boys are "easier".). And I absolutely love being a Mom to 2 boys.
    BUT the main thing is that either way, boy or girl, you WILL absolutely adore your baby. As much as you "adore" those 2 boys in your class, it won't compare to the love and adoration you'll have for your little girl or little boy. :)
    You can TOTALLY be a Mom to a boy. :D You'll do awesome.
    Any gut feelings as to boy or girl?

  2. no guts feelings whatsoever, I don't understand where those come from... maybe on my 2nd child I'll be like "ooh I'm carrying as I was with my first child who was a boy or girl, so I must be having a boy or girl" but since it's my first I don't know how to know.
    I didn't know you wanted boys! I mean, it's not unheard of, my sister does too, but she will be the ultimate hockey mom, she LOVES all sports, etc... maybe she's more cut out for it? though God's humor will probably have her with many pink-clad girls and me at hockey practice lol

  3. I hope you guys do have a boy then our boys can meet!

    I don't know what to do with boys either. I never pictured myself having a boy because the majority in my family is females and the bonding that happens with my sisters and my mom is stupendous that I (even though I've never envisioned parenthood)guess I've never thought about it but just assumed I'd have girls. I also felt sorry for Andrew's mom because she is the mother of three boys. But now after 25 years she has the joy of having a daughter-in-law so I guess it works out.

    Vaness is a good example of a mother of boys! Everytime I see Jamie throw Noah in the air, Vanessa doesn't flinch. I'd like to be like that. The boys needs that. :)

  4. true, but as Vanessa said, she wanted boys from the get go... so she had a head start ;)
    and hey if we have girls our kids can still meet... in fact more cool things can happen like marriage! haha oh nelly, i always said I wouldn't be THAT mom that's betrothing her kids to her friends kids while still in the womb... 7 weeks and we find out!