tomorrows a big day

Trusting in the Lord...Freaking out. Trusting in the Lord...Freaking out.

This is pretty much the pendulum swing of my life right now. One minute I am saying "whatever happens tomorrow, it is well with my soul" and the next minute I'm seconds away from grabbing a paper bag to aid my breathing. Maybe not that extreme, but close.

Tomorrow we *should* hear the baby's heartbeat.

I say should both because it could not be there and because there's a chance that my doctor doesn't have that planned for this our first official appointment - but most Montreal moms I know tell me they hear the heartbeat at the doctor appointments though they don't see their baby until the 20 week ultrasound. So tomorrow could be the day. Wow.

Brad's booked that hour away from work and so have I, so at 3:30pm we'll both be there at the doctor's office. Praying for a heartbeat. Praying for reassurance. praying for MM.

Join us?

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  1. aww hun, i can only imagine the mixed range of emotions you must be feeling today.
    i pray God would give both you and brad a peace that surpasses all understanding as you await this appt, enter this appt and all through it.

    i also pray for the health of mm and that this baby would be 100% healthy and that you would get to hear their little heart tickin away ;D

    love and prayers to you both!