not sure anymore...

I've been thinking.


Maybe I shouldn't tell the world we're pregnant yet.

Maybe I should wait for another few weeks. I can't wait until I have an ultrasound, I'll be 5 months pregnant by then. I just don't know. It's such a BIG step. Point of no return.


  1. Anonymous11.2.10

    I think you should go ahead and tell, it's such an exciting time and having people enjoy that with you makes it that much more special. Don't doubt, trust that God is in control and leave it at that, enjoy everyday you have that baby growing inside. I spent way too much time worrying about the what if's during my pregnancy. And just to ease your mind a little the doctors told me the sicker you the healthier the baby, it means that there's a strong connection between the two of you and the baby is getting what it needs :)

    Erin S.