Why are ALL the baby items (i.e. strollers, car seats, cribs, crib bedding, decor) so UGLY? Everything is pastel with bunnies or some retro plaid, and I've never seen more frills in my life!

Call me crazy, but Baby Olivia (Loni's new bundle of joy) doesn't even see colour yet (unless it's a recent development) and she doesn't have strong vision beyond what's immediately in front of her. So why oh why do we decorate entire baby rooms in these cartoon-y baby colours that I'd never put in the rest of my house? The baby can't even SEE the colours or theme most likely. The parents are the ones who spend most waking time in the nursery and have good vision (with the aid of contact lenses!) so why not decorate in a way that can please both baby and parent?

I really like what Andy and Loni did with their kid's room. It's covered in toys - after all kids LIVE there and no one's expecting a baby room to not have toys, but for the most part, it's not overly "baby" or "kiddie". It matches the rest of their house. The walls are a mix between beige and olive green, the furniture is white and wooden, and their bedding is gender neutral - maybe partly because Matty and Dahlia switch bunks often :) The point is, I LOVE it that I walk into their fun, warm, kid's room and it's not like chuckie cheese or baby land, after all they're only babies for a short time and there will likely be more than 1 child in the room at a time, so for us, it's got to be universal.

Like these:


  1. Yup. It's true.
    The other day I was in the mall and there was a store selling artwork and I came across the most beautiful piece of art I've ever seen. It was the alphabet with animals or objects with each letter and it was AMAZING. But I couldn't justify paying $80 on it. :(

  2. Mmm, love the wall decals and classy cribs! And I agree with all the ugly baby stuff. Though since working on the Plateau, I've seen some pretty hip strollers, e.g. the ones here:

  3. i'm no expert on this, i just know when i told my nurse sister-in-law i wished i could do the whole room in neutrals she said contrast is good for their brain development. so she agreed i wouldn't have to make it look like a clown exploded all over the room but that i did have to take into consideration both brain stimulation through contrast (even black and white is contrast though) as well as the ability to calm it down when they need to be less stimulation (bedtime).

    but i totally agree with you: the baby doesn't know that is a bunny, or a duck, or the stewart plaid. and by the time they are old enough to respond to one animal over another, how do you know you've picked the one they like? you could have spent all this time on a duck room and all he wants to do is woof.

    i say save that stuff for the toddler years when they will eat it up.

    i love the pictures you showed as examples, so much contrast but as you said, a room the parents would want to be in - and not have to repaint! they feel peaceful but cheery. just how a new mom would want to feel i suspect!

  4. great rooms! i especially love the cabbage patch green one with rusty orange chair, def converts well into a room the kids can grow up in :D

  5. I see what Sarah means, but most baby rooms I see that I detest arn't high contrast at all, they're all pale colours that blend together, making the "baby" choice just as potentially harmful to brain development as a delightful beige, or grey, or taupe, ooo. I like the ideas of a close-to-white colour on the walls and then incorporating colour through drapes, pillows, throws, toys, wall art, area rugs, bedding, etc.

    My favourite room is also the light green with bold orange chair like you said Amanda. Green is always a favourite, and it's not boy-ish or girl-ish or baby-ish or kid-ish. Its just nice-ish!