Popular MM on Facebook

Posting my pregnancy on Facebook was so interesting.

Firstly, if I were having this baby five years ago, I wouldn't have posted it on Facebook and it wouldn't have mattered. But today, it's such a social network of communication in my life that I couldn't not. Weird. With our company, generally is anyone gets pregnant, engaged, has a baby, etc, they send out a mass-e-mail to all the employers to let them know and everyone can wish them well. We're debating whether or not to even bother.

Brad, who's not on Facebook was shocked at how many of our company's staff are on my Facebook. People he knows well better than I do. People I've never met. People we see once a year or less. He obviously was pro the mass-e-mail. But when he ran through a list of people he was sure weren't on my "friends list" every single one of them was on it, not to mention they or their spouse had already written well wishes to us and MM. Crazy.

In 2 days we got 35 "likes" and 61 comments about Mini-Morrice! That's more than when we announced our engagement. Needless to say our unborn child is more popular than we are :)


  1. Yup. That's usually how it goes. Get ready for "Oh the baby! - oh yeah, Hi Emily." :p

  2. ok here`s one of my things abotu facebook`:

    If youre using facebook as the only means of updating people(friends, staff, students..whoever), that`s assuming they check facebook as frequently as emails.

    For example, I checked facebook saturday at 9pm, but your update never showed up for me...as I only check stuff from the last 3-6 hours(depending on how often people have updated stuff). I only found out about your annoucement the next day when I read your blog.

    The other thing is that I know several who check facebook every 2-3 days. There is a slim chance that they are going to go through facebook updates from the past 48-72 hours.

    Just a thought.

  3. good point Karen. But 57 comments tells me enough people heard that I think it's "public enough" if that makes sense. Now I can refer to it which makes me feel really free. and word travels fast, thankfully for people like us who live far away :D