great irony

I noticed something today that made be both happy and horribly frustrated at the same time.
Generally once winter comes around, my horrible immune system will crash at least once. From November to around March I'm bound to have one or several cases of strep throat, a serious cold and cough, or perhaps even the flu. Every winter.

Except this one.

Though my days are (still!) filled with nausea, dizziness, and extreme fatigue, I haven't been "sick" in a non-pregnancy sort of way ONCE this whole winter season. NOT ONCE. I was realizing that after I was sick once again yesterday and was sent home from work where I then slept for four straight hours, not even interrupting my sleep that evening. I am one tired girl. But I'm only experiencing pregnancy symptoms, I've not once been sick!

This totally blows my mind. How is it that this may be my HEALTHIEST winter in history? Anyone else would look at me and say it's my sickest by far. Lots of nausea and vomit usually mean a serious flu, but I know it's not been that but it's been the pregnancy since no other flu symptoms have existed. So ironic.

I guess I'm one healthy pregnant woman. barf.

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  1. Wow! That IS amazing - especially considering that as a pregnant woman you immune system goes down to half strength (not sure the technical term for it).
    I hope it keeps up for you! Only 6 more months! :)