getting excited

Recently I've been frustrated with feeling ill and not seeing any strong "results" of my symptoms (i.e. not a huge baby bump that people can recognize). It also has just seemed like FOREVER since I took that positive pregnancy test way back in 2009 (just saying '09 makes it seem even more long ago!)

Either way, I was loosing sight of what's actually happening inside of me. Growing a baby and all. So I took some great advice from Jamie and started getting excited about the baby to be born in August. And sure enough even little things like looking for cribs on craigslist, deciding what baby things (i.e. strollers) we want, and talking about middle names (we've decided our girl first names for the next TWO girls, but boys are still hard, for first or middle names) has got my moods much higher :)

It's getting more real to me as we went public with the pregnancy last week, plus the 13 week mark is tomorrow and I am starting to actually FEEL pregnant (and not just sick). I think part of not getting too excited was a defense mechanism in case anything horrible were to happen, but I'm deciding each day now to be thrilled and anticipatory about this and not worry about what will probably never happen.

COME mini morrice!!!

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