100 posts!

Just realized that I've been blogging for exactly 100 posts, {7 months}

I started as a skeptic and now I'm in LOVE. Blogs/Blogging = my new diary, newspaper, magazine subscription, cookbook, additional sphere of friends & people I admire, and scrapbook. All of those things are found in the blogs I follow and in writing my own. I LOVE IT.

Some new blogs I suggest:
  1. {Our Nest In The City} - my post-bump-and-sometimes-now-blog (button @ side)
  2. Le Blab - a Pastor/Church-Planter's wife and full-time mom in Quebec City
  3. Homemade by Jill - an adorable DIY site
  4. From an Igloo - another adorable DIY blog based in Alaska
  5. Cheeky Kitchen - a great recipe blog especially for cooking for kids
  6. Things of Beauty - a DIY blog by a very creative woman


  1. and I just read all of them! lovely. looking forward to all that is related to you, brad & mm.

    ps totally related to your thoughts on being preggo and not knowing it but traveling internationally... found out post-india that I was preggers. God's timing is good.

  2. Yes, MM has already been to NA, I found out post NA I was preggers too, which was funny because I think it made me more "safe" feeling about the second trip... MM is seasoned now ya know ;)

  3. Well, aren't you nice for recommending my blog!

    I like reading about your hesitancy to blog(you mention that elsewhere, no?) and how you love it now. I feel I can identify.