a sick little prego and a silver lining

uhhhh I'm sick.

Not the prego sick I have been (i.e. barfing random mornings, feeling sleepy, etc).

Full-blown, can't-hold-anything-down-or-in, can't-taste-food, tummy-ache-city. It started last night around 1am. That was my first clue this wasn't prego sickness. I have only been sick once at a time other than around 7-9am during this pregnancy, and it was about 5am, simply because I was REALLY hungry and my body thought it was morning, hence morning sickness.

We went out to dinner with Daymond and Alysha, my cousins visiting this weekend. Eating rich and great foods all weekend made me think it could have been food poisoning (I'm not fantastic with dairy, though usually ok, but I had super rich pasta and whipped cream all in the same day). So a few hours after returning home and thus digesting, it happened.

You know the ultimate shame when you're sitting on the toilet because you can't get off, whilst puking into a garbage can that you forgot to line with a plastic bag? Yeah. With company over. Beauty. Now they're family so it's not the end of the world, but the sounds and smells were probably hard to ignore :(

I finished in the bathroom around 2am, drank piles of Gatorade and ate Life cereal (with NO milk) before waking up every hour afterward, since I maybe did drink a gallon (hey, I thought I was dehydrated). So it was hard to have a good night's sleep but this morning, though tired, I thought it was over. Fell back asleep until around 2pm, waking to a raging tummy ache, no taste for any food whatsoever, and that general kill-me-now-i'm-so-sick feeling.

On the plus side, last night before the world's worst hostess, hour long, visit to the bathroom, I felt MM kicking away and this time from the outside of my belly! I had felt the fluttery movements for the last week but this was clear as day. My hand was just below my belly button and I felt him/her squirming and moving around. I wonder if his/her tummy was upset too? Or if MM even noticed the mass exodus of all solid materials form my body? How much of our own sicknesses and pains does the baby participate in?

Going back to sleep :)


  1. FYI:
    Does Stomach Flu Affect the Baby?
    The stomach flu virus does not have any impact on the baby because it stays within the digestive tract. The biggest concern for women with the stomach flu during pregnancy is the risk of severe dehydration, which can affect the baby.

    good news for MM, and more liquids for me.

  2. Thankfully I'm definitely not as sick as you. I have the yucky tummy etc, but no barf yet. Time will tell, though.

    SO EXCITING about the fluttering kicking feeling. That's so exciting!!! <3

  3. Hey Emily

    I really hope you don't have the listeria bug because I have heard that it isn't a good bug while you are pregnant

    What other symptoms are you feeling..any fever, diarrhea?
    praying for you

  4. Hey Em!
    So sad that you're sick but very very happy that you've felt MM!

  5. Karen - diarrhea and vomiting mostly just on Saturday night and a slight bit on Sunday. Nothing since, just tired and drinking a lot since I likely was close to dehydration from the aforementioned symptoms :) Feeling much better though, is the Lystra bug a 24-hour thing? Thanks for your concern and expertise!!

  6. Aw Em! Hope you are feeling better today and over this bug. Excited to see that you have your second big appointment this week. Do you find out the gender then or are you keeping that a surprise? What an exciting Easter!

    Love you
    - heath...

  7. Never mind - I just realized that you already noted that you find out the sex on April 20. Regardless, I hope your appointment goes well this Thursday!


  8. thanks heath, you're so sweet :)