mm @ 17 weeks!

an early post, but I can't believe I can even be writing 17 WEEKS! It seems so "far along"! So close to the 20 week part-ay of being half way there and knowing the gender. SO yes, I"m jumping the gun, MM turns "17 weeks" tomorrow, but we're leaving the city today (in about 5 minutes...) so it was my last shot.

I don't eat turnip all that often and I don't think I'd know what one looked like if I saw it looking like it does above... Not enough time on the farm I guess. Or the market. Shame. But hey, I live in Montreal.
Either way, MM is the size of a turnip this week, specifically MM's 5 inches long!! I just looked at a ruler, and woah. That is LONG. In other news, MM's skeleton is developing from cartilage to bone and MM's other organs are pumping away.
3 more weeks til we know who MM is!!


  1. Wow 17 weeks so exciting. I felt Baby Roz move at 17 weeks. Feeling movement (if you haven't felt already) is just around the corner!

  2. encouraging!! I haven't yet but am confused because maybe I have and I just don't know... Every time I feel digestion or gas bubbles I'm like "MM is that you??" How did you know it was Baby Roz?

  3. hmm. it was very "fluttery." I was still not sure that day. I think because there was a few at once that were seperate in time enough to not be gas. Does that make sense? Like it wasn't a rumble or any discomfort involved... just kind of fluttery. I can't really describe the first one as anything other than that.