where it all began {part 2}

A while back I posted about going back to North Africa, the place where I first laid eyes on my wonderful husband. It was amazing to be back there seeing all the same sights, smelling the same smells, seeing the same people, but being MARRIED. really weird.

Weird thing part 2: this weekend we're pilgrimage-ing back to a retreat center about 1.5 hours out of the city for a planning weekend with work, at the SAME PLACE where MM's journey began.

I know. Ew, right? Maybe an over share. But I'm excited to be back there and almost say to the place WE'RE PREGNANT! Not that the walls could respond or the buildings could sense the significance, but it's still cool to me. We were there the first week of December, and little did we know our lives had already changed forever. We didn't find out we were prego until a few weeks down the road (if we were in North Africa and we knew we were pregnant that would be crazy, really fast-forwarding since the last time we were there w weren't even dating... but that honour comes this May and June when we go back for a third time, this time knowingly pregnant, and yes of course married).

Hard to believe that was so long ago now. Week 1 of my pregnancy (even though "they" would say it was already the second week by the time I officially became pregnant). I wouldn't start feeling sick for a whole month from that date. And I wouldn't start being excessively tired and hungry for another 2 weeks. Those first weeks of ignorance were so funny. Business as usual. Having no idea I had life inside of me (and yes, I even took the free wine on Air France heading to North Africa, unknowingly of course...my bad). And now I'm approaching the half way point of this pregnancy.

HALF WAY. As in, just a few weeks from know we'll know if Vanessa's guess is right (boy) or if MM is a girl. As in, MM will be growing and so will I to the point that no normal clothes can probably contain him/her. As in, a few short months from now I'll be somebody's mom. WOW.

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