today was a great day :)

Just found out a friend who has been waiting to be entrusted as an adoptive mother has got the good word that her and her hubby will have not one but TWO new babies to call theirs. God is so good. I know he'll provide such a nurturing, safe, loving home with my friend and her hubby. So happy to see the 9 month process of waiting (ironic eh? the adoptive process took 9 months the exact same amount of time it would take to have a baby!) ending this way.

In other news, we had delicious black bean ho fun for dinner (I'm on a Chinese food kick!) and I'm feeling MM kick around the clock which makes me so much more aware that I'm somebody's mommy and I LOVE IT.

Brad says he's a bit jealous because it's like me and MM are a "team" and he wants to join!
Example: Brad is making some lunch and will ask "are you and the baby hungry?"
Pure team spirit and I feel it even stronger now that MM is kicking all day long reminding me that he/she is alive and well :)

Also, Brad is up to his old tricks again. What a good hubs! For my 20th week with MM he surprised me with a book I've been meaning to read since reading it's much later sequel, Outliers. I'm now the owner and current reader of The Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell :)

Off to bed for a good read then a long sleep, unless MM has anything to say about it and wants to have soccer practice, which is just way too entertaining to pass up, even when I'm so tired I might fall asleep sitting up! Yes, my belly is actually RISING now with each kick... soooo cool!

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