ok so lately my brain has been thinking on overtime and it may be affecting me and MM more that I had bargained...

Take the fact that our friends just announced they're expecting twins + my non stop baby movement + my friend who found out she had twins at the 20 week ultrasound and no sooner b/c the doc's couldn't tell since the baby beats were SO close together they were identical = I convince myself I'm pregnant with twins and can't sleep for literally the.whole.night.

Then take my friend finding out her bun in the oven is a boy + us finding out in 6 days whether ours is a boy or girl = me thinking excitedly about the prospects of either a boy or a girl and yes, not sleeping for the.whole.night.

Did I mention how TIRED I am?
I just lie awake from 2am (when I woke up from my dream of having twins and just thinking about the whole gender thing in general) until NOW (2pm) thinking.
Not sleeping. Thinking.

Then I read this morning that when Mom is stressed or anxious or excited, baby is too.
Maybe THAT explains MM kicking me for literally 12 hours with no stopping.
Unless MM is MMs...
or maybe just 1 super baby who doesn't need sleep... apparently just like it's mama.

ps - if it's true and for some crazy miracle I'm having twins, the whole Natural Birth thing is going OUT THE WINDOW. Just clarifying that right now. Just something I thought up around 5am this morning :)

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  1. Praying for a good night's sleep for you hun! And that is so crazy, I didn't know you could find out so late about twins. Either way, I'm super excited; can't wait for next week and the big reveal :)