mm @ 21 weeks!

a carrot!

Weird now how they're telling me the length only f the baby...which is kind of hard to picture since a carrot is also super skinny like a pencil... I liked it better when the baby center sideshow of veggies that resemble the fetus were round and more likely the shape of the baby, not just the length or size or weight. But there you have it - 10.5 inches, roughly the length of a carrot!

I'm loving this stage. My only symptom is fatigue and I'm feeling my baby kick several times every day (mostly at night right before bed which isn't ideal, but it's a sign that MM is healthy so I'm happy!).

Not to mention that in 3 more sleeps I get to discover if MM is a he or a she!!!!!!!!!!
Which reminds me, have you voted yet?
Boys are winning by a bit, and I'm not surprised... it's what I've voted too!
Will find out soon :)

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