This is a HUGE deal for me! I feel like I've been pregnant forever... well since last year technically! Finally I'm seeing progress both in my own growth, and in the weeks passing. At the beginning, especially the worrisome first trimester, I felt like every day took forever to pass. Now weeks are flying by! And already we're at the half way point: 20 weeks!

Practically this means: VERY SOON (April 20th) we find out the sex of MM, I'm over the hump so to speak, MM is 10 inches long from head to heel (i.e. a banana's length!), and is creating POO! (well meconium, black tar-like poop in his/her bowels, but still a big deal!)
And the Baby Updates keep telling me in ounces how much MM weighs which doesn't mean very much to me. But I did the math and MM is 0.6 of a POUND today!
I just picture holding a pound of butter when baking or lifting 5 pound weights (yes, I'm that weak) which is probably what MM will weigh by July!
Amazing :)

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  1. Look at your cute little belly!
    Yippee for being at 20 weeks! Wow time is flying.