a heavenly afternoon

Today I finished work by 3pm since I am again working tonight
from 7:30 - ?

In the hours between the two I went to heaven.


I stopped by Loni's since we haven't seen each other in way too long just one-on-one (and by that I always mean Loni + Matty + Dahlia + Olivia on one which is even better) and finally we both had the same time free. SO NICE. Just to hang out. Seriously. We did nothing.


Loni is a really chill woman (even with 3 kids aged 4 and under) and she relaxes me. We sat in her box-covered house (they're moving on Monday) and just chatted. But one of the best parts were her kids. I think she would take this as a compliment not an insult :)

When I first touched down in Montreal as Brad's "special friend" I would stay with Andy and Loni on those weekend visits. I'm pretty sure her kids (Matthew and Dahlia at that time) hated me. They were shy and I was a new face and only ever popped in and out. Well when I moved here I made it my mission to get them to like me.

Folks, it WORKED.

Today I sat in a chair just chatting with Loni while 4-year-old Matthew just cuddled in with me and talked to me. We laughed about silly things like Olivia's big diaper bum and Simile (hot like a fire! he learned and then got really good at it "hot like a jungle!"). I'd sat sitting on that chair, with a good friend and a cuddly little boy might have made the top of the charts for my week. Only to get better when Dahlia woke up from her name and asked for a story at the same time Loni had to help Andy with something. So I had baby Olivia balancing on one leg, Matty curled around my neck like a scarf, and Dahlia sitting on the arm of the chair while I read Berenstain Bears.

HEAVEN. I love those kiddos as if they were my own family, it makes me just completely awe-struck and a little terrified about how much I'll love my OWN kids some day :)

In addition, we all went over to Jamie's for a tea party so Matty could play with James and us girls could hang out. More Bliss. I LOVE JAMIE. She will help me so much when I have a babe, she's a wealth of knowledge and quite possibly could teach Early Childhood Education without having taken it herself.

So often I get down on living way out here in Quebec away from so many friends and family in Ontario, but God has really blessed me. I feel like I have BOTH here as I lay down new roots in Montreal. A heavenly afternoon indeed...

(kind of looks like Matty is plugging his ears to my story but I think he was just resting, it was by far the most affectionate and loving time I've ever spent with him :)


  1. Jamie8.4.10

    Hello sweet friend,

    It was my pleasure having you, Loni and the kids over for Mario Bros and a tea party today!

    I am so excited to meet MM! I promise to share ALL of my knowledge with you (upon request of course! ;) )
    Can't wait to have a little one to play with your little one!!

    Love you!

  2. Em you sound like me! I've been trying to get little Noah Strickland to like me for awhile and I think we're finally friends! There was some heartache along the way. He definitely has screamed when I said hi to him.. but now we're cool. :)

    Glad you had a great day yesterday!

  3. Em you look so natural in that position...put one more in the mix and it's a glimpse into your and brad's future :D