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So my 2nd appointment with Dr. Hall was last Thursday. Still not understanding what Loni raved about... Shes pleasant enough, but really you can tell she wants to see me for no more than 5 minutes and basically doesn't care a whole lot about ME or MM whatsoever.

This is a typical appointment (Suzanne, Vanessa, tell me if this is normal, though probably not already in the fact that ya'll have midwives):

1. I go in, get weighed by the secretary (I've gained a full 5 pounds now since the advent of MM, woot!)

2. Secretary takes my blood pressure, and I go back to the waiting room (their magazine selection though is top notch... contemplating a subscription to Canadian House and Home or Canada's Style at Home)

3. I finally see Dr. Hall, she asks how I'm feeling

4. I get on the bed thingie, she check's MM's heartbeat (for all of 1 minute)

5. She measures my belly, mentions "your belly has grown"

6. She says "unless you have any questions, that's it" wherein I ask many questions and get extremely short and non-descriptive answers. (i.e. Q: is the heart beat good? A: yup. Q: what's normal for a baby's heartbeat? A: yours is normal)

7. I leave in all of 5 minutes. Nor necessarily having tons of questions unanswered, just feeling that shes giving me her bare minimum, she doesn't care much for the baby or me, and I'm #2310629763 on her priority list.

I think she operates on the "no news is good news" and "simple is better" policies. I just don't. ESPECIALLY when it's my first baby and I don't know what I'm doing. Remembering Suzanne's experiences hearing her baby's heartbeat, I'm jealous. Sooz knew the bmp of Baby Roz, she has INFORMATION to share on her blog and with her family about the baby's progress. FROM HER DOCTOR. My info comes from helpful pregnancy websites. Sheesh.

So yeah. I'm not impressed with Dr. Hall at all. She is nice, professional, if not cold, and rushes you out of her office the second you get in. And if I wanted a midwife (which I DID, trust me!) I couldn't give birth in a hospital - law in QC. I could give birth in a birthing centre for midwives only... but not a doctor or nurse in sight, and that's not my bag. But I hate how it's such polar opposites here. Why can't I give birth in a hospital WITH a midwife? Oh the glories I left behind in Ontario...


  1. just out of curiosity, why isn't having a doctor or nurse present "not your bag"?

  2. I think that sounds normal for a doctor. Not normal for a midwife. 5 mins waiting time, 45 mins appointment. :(

  3. sounds heavenly Vanessa!

    Karen - I'm very comfortable with doctors and nurses and and the hospital scene altogether. A lot of people I know hate being in hospitals but I actually love it, makes me feel safe :) Plus I've just known of many women who has very minor complications in child birth that would have been more than minor if there weren't doctors or nurses present, so it's just more comfy for me :)

  4. I commend you Em, you gotta know yourself and what you need and go for it. There are so many things we get pressured to do for other people - whether it is to be more natural or to stop being so hippy or to make everyone happy in the whole world while simultaneously pushing out a child!! John told me he would never be comfortable going through the first birth outside of a hospital and though I maybe could be I will respect that it doesn't work for him. It's not worth the fear I would be forcing my husband to feel.

    I'm sorry you're not getting a good vibe from your doc, that is frustrating. My specialist moves quite quickly sometimes too but when I have questions he becomes quite thorough in answering them so I don't get the rushed feeling. Is it too late to switch doctors or does that just make things weird?

    I am really surprised Quebec is behind on the whole midwives in hospitals thing! I imagine it as a pretty progressive place but I haven't actually been. Tell them to get with the program! Or maybe look into getting a doula, I hear they can really be your best friend in terms of advocating for you?

  5. Whoa, that comment did not look that long when I was writing it. Opps!

  6. Hey Em, Sorry about your dr. experience, but to be honest my midwife was a bit like that too, just depends who you get. And I'll be going to Dr. route next time.

    Also, I TOTALLY understand the hospital thing even though i did have a midwife our decision to deliver in a hospital saved not only London's life but mine too. You never know the circumstances you will face in labour so it's a great decision to have all resources available to you :)

    Erin S.

  7. Thanks for the back up ladies!!

    Karen - I'm curious what your opinion is as a nurse? What route do you think you'll take since you do work in a hospital maybe you have some insight??

    Sarah - I agree, REALLY surprising that Quebec is behind, they're so progressive in most things, but this is a classic sign of their traditional past. Doullas and midwives are both not welcome in the delivery room, unless they happen to be your next of kin ;)

  8. Anonymous7.4.10

    Hi Em!

    So sorry that you and Dr H are not Jiving! I guess it is just a matter of preference, personality, and maybe timing!
    I still REALLy like her, but maybe that is because I am comparing her to my last OBGYN who made me wait 4 hours for every apt, rude, and rushed.
    I think the Doula is a great idea, who is more of a coach than anything...
    Quebec is crummy in this area, you just have to be thankful that you found someone who would take you right away...my friend did not get to see a Dr until her 6th month and had severe complications!!!!
    It all turns out in the end, especially when you hold your precious babe! Love you, Loni

  9. Hey Em,

    I don't think I have much to add.

    I was going to say maybe she was having a rushed day and it will get better the more she knows you?

    Also, I agree with Loni about it turning out well in the end. Last night I was thinking a lot about homebirths (mostly because the Stricklands were here and they love it.) and I was feeling like "Oh.. maybe that is the better thing to do... maybe that might be nice." but then I prayed about it and thought Ok God is sovereign I can trust that the hospital will be fine. This is my first child and I would like to feel comfort and safety in the hospital. I know myself and I need to make sure I have minimum things that will make me feel uncomfortable in such a major thing for me. So I feel there is enough to trust God with and I feel like a homebirth for me right now is too much. I choose to rest in that fact.

    Praying for you :)