the mom club

I feel like since becoming pregnant, every mom out there and I have this weird special bond, that can't be explained by any other thing. It's like I've entered this club and now I get the inside scoop on all-things-mom: best deals on baby related products, tips, crazy personal health information and conversation, you name it.

Take today.
I'm at the dentist and my hygienist who I've met twice in my life starts telling me about her 1-year-old and she "finally got him off the boob".
Am I hearing this correctly?
But it's completely normal, because I'm in the club.
Then she goes on and on about how expensive baby things are (this I can relate to having just finished my registry and feeling super guilty that I'm actually asking people to BUY ME this stuff that costs a fortune).
But it doesn't end there over a mutual hatred yet appreciation for "the good stuff" - you know, not cheaping out and buying the less expensive baby gear that simply doesn't last as long or isn't as high quality.


She's only used it once, it was the same brand that they give you to try at all the Montreal Hospitals and she had two and now needs zero since we all know her son is "off the boob". She said she'll just bring it to her office this week and we can come get it. Simply to save me the money of buying a new one (though I'll buy the breast shields and bottles obviously)!

Her final words, "hey I know what it's like, I'm a mom too"

Love being in the club :)

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  1. ahha that's amazing. It is true how the conversation now changes. I love talking baby stuff now with any human... I love it.