2 Weeks of Bumpage

@ almost 21 weeks {note the belly button that was formally an inny...}

boom! prego!

and again @ almost 22 weeks on the way to the worst Dentist appointment ever {it's true what they say, pregnant women's gums GUSH at the dentist}

I think I look less pregnant at almost 22 weeks than I did at almost 21 weeks... all in the clothes or lack there of I guess {in my new Old Navy maternity skirt!}
This lady is having a baby girl :)
{I don't think I'll get tired of saying that for a LONG time!}


  1. that is SUCH a beautiful picture.
    LOVE you & the lil mini girl growing in you.
    ahhhhhhhhhhhh. YYYESSSSSSSSSSSSS.

  2. em!

    you look beautiful as ever. so excited to hear you are having a little girl. although i always dream of having sons, having grown up in a wonderful house of three sisters - i am so excited for you to be MMe's mommy!

    also... i just finished walking to starbucks with erin mohr and it made me miss our walks/talks there.

    love you and miss you.


  3. Re: inny and outty. Your li'l button is cuuuute!

    So I had an inny... and still do... it's just being made smaller. Perhaps because my inny was so deep. It's fascinating. I'll look down at my belly button and say "Wow... that's so cute." and then I will show Andrew. I'm watching the progress of my belly button almost as much as the progress of our baby!