for my little girl!!!

OK it is FAR too fun looking for and shopping for GIRLS STUFF.
I think I'd be happy if I just bought things for HER the rest of my life and never for myself...
OK wild dramatization, but it is so much MORE fun knowing it's for her than for myself.

Maybe I have more insight to my mom's life now.
She rarely bought herself anything new when we were growing up, but would treat us often.
Not that she was decked in 80's gear come the 90's, she was a stylin' mom, but she made personal sacrifices for me and Lisa instead of treating herself first. Come to think of it, in every arena of life my mom put us and my dad, basically our family first. Gosh... I'm only appreciating NOW (23 years after it all began) what a GREAT MOM I have.

Now, onto things I've already found that I must get for MMe (yes, it's a GIRL so since we're in French-land, now this means there must be an 'e' at the end :)
  1. A Slip Cover for her BabyBjorn Carrier
    (we're getting black so we can reuse it with any future boy babies just as easily, but I found these adorable slipcovers for BabyBjorns for $25 on ebay.com (unfortunately for me, not ebay.ca).

  2. Shoes from the Etsy Shop, Gracious May
    I posted about these back in January. They.are.adorable. The question is, what pair will I buy her? They're not cheap, but I think she needs just one pair :)


  1. good thinking - online shopping is the best.
    also, considering your "stuff swap" love, (yes, you probably already thought of this!) - check out some mom-to-mom sales - I know for things like these it's not the best route, but I'm sure there's great stuff!

  2. after talking to Brad I took the adorable gracious may shoes off my registry... it's true if someone bought us all three pairs (different sizes mind you) I registered for (at $30/each) we might not get something more important for the same price value like our baby carrier, crib mattress, etc...

  3. I thought "MMe" was "mini me" since she's a girl haha.

  4. its the feminine version of mini morrice slash mademoiselle ;)