MM is a...

sooooooo many of us were wrong :)
we are THRILLED!
not putting it on facebook until later tonight,
I figured my loyal readers should get first dibs!


  1. YAY!
    So EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS! (also for the record I voted girl :)
    This afternoon I kept checking my phone while out for a walk in Old Montreal to see if you tweeted about mm's gender lol!

  2. I was waiting to hear, yay! I totally thought it was a boy. I was right about my nephew so I never thought I would be wrong about this! But I don't mind being wrong because this is such fantastic news and you are going to have a blast being your daughter's mother. So happy for you, even more jealous of john who gets to see you guys soon.

  3. :) that's exciting! girls are fun! so are boys, but yay for girls. :)

  4. that's awesome...I totally voted girl!