I need your help!

Comment about what you'd suggest me adding to my baby registry.

I've already got the big things down pat - stroller, car seat, a bumbo, and a babybjorn, I need tips on other things though, like Lydia's tip on the Miracle Blanket, or Vanessa's on Sophie the Giraffe.

And ongoing advice about breastpumps because I am clueless!

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  1. I've been using the Avent Isis Uno IQ and it has been awesome! really easy to clean, avent bottles attach right to the pump so there are no tubes to mess with, it's been great.

    I would additionally recommend a little rocker chair (super cheap and in abundance on kijiji - we have a fisher price one). Mischaela sits happily in it while I cook dinner, while I have to use the bathroom or shower, etc - it converts into a chair big enough for a toddler too. It's also apparently good when they first start eating and aren't big enough for a high chair yet.

    Ergo carrier is awesome. I used the infant insert while Mischaela's neck wasn't strong enough.

    Oh, and get blunt scissors to cut nails with - instead of a baby nail clipper - very hard to cut baby with blunt scissors. I got mine from Shoppers Drug Mart and it was the Life brand.