I have made a lot of this today: in regards to sleep (a nap was had! thank you GOD), in regards to being more prepared to be a mom, and a stylin' prego!

I was a disaster this morning. Poor Brad. A pure disaster. There was nothing he could do, my stomach was still aching and I was a zombie... extremely little sleep but the baby was kicking away and my stomach was too painful to relax. I decided I needed to get out of the house. So I headed to Old Navy because they had an e-coupon for 20% off your whole purchase until the 22nd, and I needed to prego summer bottoms: skirts and shorts.

Done and done, I got great deals on 2 skirts and 2 pairs of shorts. Which is kind of important since I'm leaving for Africa in 7 days and only had long pants to pack until today (not ideal for the 40 degree weather we're anticipating!!)

Then I came home and SLEPT! What a wonderful 2 hours. I didn't think it was possible since my stomach was still hurting a lot, but the extreme fatigue won over the dull pain, and I awoke a new person. Then, inspired by my friend Rachel's new wedding registry, I registered for my upcoming baby shower.

This was brutal until I remembered Rachel's use of www.myregistry.com
A brilliant idea - it's an online registry, much like Toys-aren't-us (which had less than HALF of the things on my list in stock) but it covers many stores, including Amazon.com
So you can have things on your list from places like Target, Ikea, online sites, etc, and buyers can just buy them online, or go to the stores if there's one close and get your goods.

I was so set on this one stroller and then was really frustrated when Toys-r-us didn't have it. Along with most other things I was "set on". But you better believe it's available on www.myregistry.com!

Also feeling slightly better though the tummy achy feeling is still there. I'll be sure to mention it to the doc tomorrow when WE FIND OUT MM'S GENDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In Other News: GO HABS!


  1. good to know about that site.. I will sign up and add stuff there too!

  2. www.myregistry.com is the best :)

  3. I'm just reading this now, so I'm not sure if you'll see this comment
    Again, just out of curiosity why are you set on that stroller...? A lady from our small group and I went stroller shopping for a shower that we were hosting and I didn't come across that brand at all...we went to Babies R Us, Sears, The Bay, and 2 other baby specialty stores in Hamilton. It took us a whole day but we ended up buying the stroller(travel system) from Sears (a Grace one).

    It's nice to lift them, see all the features, fold unfold them, try and push them(some wheels turn easier on corners than the others).

    Again you must have talked strollers with another mom too so maybe that's why you want that one.