32 weeks!

I can't believe time is flying so fast now!
MM is 32 weeks along, and the clock is ticking! Especially because at 36 weeks a baby is technically considered "full-term", not 40 weeks which is when the due date is set at... so MM could arrive healthy in a MONTH. that's just a handful of WEEKS.
Did I already say "WOW"?

Here's me @ 32 weeks pregnant, the pics aren't great since the background is so colourful, but you get the idea, I'm growing! Hard to believe MM still has room to grow. My tummy is itchy non-stop since the skin is just soooooo stretched beyond what I ever thought possible, though no stretch marks yet (fingers crossed, I have friends who didn't have any until like the week before their baby was born! Oh well, well-earned battle scares if they come :)

Other than the itchy tummy, symptoms are at an all time low!
I'm not napping daily anymore, and have a lot more energy, though I am going to bed a lot earlier... plus I'm getting so much done on the baby-prep front.

Life's good in prego-land, 56 days to go!


  1. I didn't get any stretch marks on my belly.. i got a couple on my hips but they are very tiny. You look all belly and so beautiful!! I think the first pic is hilarious because of the flash it looks like you're wearing panty hose on your belly!! eheh

  2. HAHAHA! its so true, my tummy is almost shimmery! the truth is i'm wearing body glitter... lol
    Na, I just wore a tankini that didn't tan my tum at all while we were in France :)

  3. oh the itchiness... the thing that finally brought some relief for me was a little mesh baggie of oatmeal that I ran ice cold water through, then rubbed the baggie of wet oatmeal all over my belly, the wiped off any slimy excess with a slightly wet cloth (cold again). I reapplied as often as I wanted to... this would bring relief for maybe a couple of hours. but oh, my sympathies re: itch. it was enough to push me over the crazy preggo lady edge.