1st party for MM!

Yesterday some of my Montreal girlfriends hosted a surprise baby shower for me and MM! It's only fitting that these fabulous women were there to usher in an undoubtedly fabulous woman of the future, MM, herself!

Some highlights:
Rachel made an owl banner to welcome the baby and bought is 'Rockabye Baby' Radiohead lullaby's for kids CD. It's amazing, they take your favourite bands (a gift for the parents indeed!) and turn their songs into baby friendly relaxing songs sounding a bit like the lullaby's they listen to anyway! But you won't be singing "twinkle twinkle little star" when you hear it! Check it out here
Jess bought MM the changing table top thing we registered for since we won't be getting a change table, but will just plop it on her dresser. LOVE the practicality and how it'll save us a ton of space!

got MM her first pair of cloth diapers! You buy about 12-15 to start with and add more if need be. But you buy them individually, so now we've gotten started. I'm so happy she appreciated both the cloth diapers and that the company is based in Montreal as much as me :)

got MM an amazing diaper cake for the first month when we're abandoning our convictions and using disposable diapers (I've heard 10 diaper changes a day... eeek!) and inside put my favourite Bath and Body Works lotion (for me!), diaper cream, and some baby lotion/bubble bath, plus she hosted the amazing shower and planned so many fun games!

Amanda and Andrea both got MM some A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E clothes from Zara and Old Navy! The first "real clothes" MM has, since she has a lot of onsies and pjs but until now no dresses or pants. The squeals in the room were inhuman when we saw how cute they were!

Also, everyone got a favour for coming, Amanda's homemade granola in a jar with fabric that matches MM's future bedroom (and I got to keep the extra 2 yards of fabric, score!)
Surly many more great parties with 'the girls'
(yes, this can soon include my daughter!!) are to come :)


  1. Okay THAT is an adorable shower! How exciting for you! So sweet of your friends to do that and to hook you up with both practical and beautiful gifts.

    I am glad you're embarking on the cloth diaper journey as we recently decided to go for it too. We went back and forth what must have been a dozen times and finally said, lock it up (no you lock it up!!) and go for it.

    But you are free to go first so I can learn from you. :)

    Can't wait to see your baby's room, I know it will be precious and filled with all kinds of great stuff to keep her warm, happy and content.

  2. Hey Sarah, yeah were doing the cloth diaper thing but not for the first month. I've heard its just so overwhelming at first so we'll do disposables while were catching our breath, then start with Apple Cheeks (a Montreal company) diapers soon after :) You're doing it with twins!? hats off to you friend, love that!

  3. Wow, so fun to have a shower & get so many thoughtful gifts!

  4. CORRECTION: Jamie and Amanda actually co-hosted! I didn't know the details since it was a surprise shower, but Jamie set me straight, that though it was at her house, Amanda actually birthed the idea (pun intended)

  5. Love the pun and love being a blessing to you and MM! Can't wait to hold her, meet her, love on her and show her Jesus :D