Nursery {updated 'to do'}

{this is a bit of a glimpse into my head as I plan MM's little room}
  • make curtains - DONE
  • buy curtain rod - DONE
  • make empty frame wall art like this - DONE
    *buy empty frames, ribbon, and white spray paint - Dollarama - DONE
  • buy baskets for toys/things - DONE
  • buy shelf to display MM's fun things - Winners - DONE
  • buy white lanterns to hang above her crib - Dollarama - DONE
  • buy paint (cool beige, ideally) - Home Depot - DONE
  • move everything from the office (nursery) into the living room,
    rearrange, and make clean again - DONE
  • hang fabric hoops wall art - DONE
  • paint walls, trim, ceiling (find friends to help!!) -DONE
  • buy laundry hamper - IKEA
  • buy rug - Canadian Tire
  • find dresser on Craigslist/buy one - IKEA?
  • assemble crib, make up w/ bedding
  • put up curtain rod, hang curtains
  • hang lanterns above crib


  1. So does this mean that you are definitely doing it? I say Do it...It will drive you crazy otherwise!

  2. we are :) and planning to start the house search again this winter for a Spring move unless something else miraculously comes about... but yes, this week is Nursery Week!!