Nursery {part 2}

I'd say we're in the "calm before the storm" stage, wherein we are getting ready to re-do two rooms in our home and expecting a baby any week now... but really it's already a storm!

My nursery TO-DO list is slowly getting accomplished, but not without leaving the rest of my house/life in it's wake!
Good thing I'm on maternity leave and have the time, if only the energy! So here's a glimpse into what we've done so far:

{fabric hoops wall-art}
  • used left-over fabrics from the quilt my sister made
  • bought fabric hoops at Fabric Ville, about $2 each
  • this is actually the arrangement they'll hang on the wall in

{empty frame wall art}
  • inspired by pictures like this and this
  • bought all frames at Dollarama + spray paint

Stay Tuned!

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