Lily Catherine Morrice

{August 20th | 1:45am | 22 inches long | 7lbs 12 oz}
This flower and name are so dear to me.

My grandfather "Pa" always named the four of us, his granddaughters, his "flowers". He chose flowers that corresponded with our names and would take us to the Royal Botanical Gardens on "Pa Dates" when we were little and show us which flower was ours.

We were Lisa Lupin, Maggie Marigold, Sarah Sunflower, and Emily Lily.

Pa passed away in 2003 and lilies have become even more important to me - helping me remember him and how much he loved his family. How he would have loved to have met Lily.

My mom's name is Catherine and since the beginning of my journey into motherhood I've always said, I so admire how my mom raised Lisa and I and I am so proud to follow in her footsteps.

She was my age when she had Lisa, her first, a beautiful girl, and now I have my Lily, just like my mom, Catherine.

Brad was in charge of choosing the middle name for Lily and he loved the idea of naming our daughters after their grandmas, so our next daughter (Lord willing we'll have lots more!) will have the middle name Rose, after Brad's mom :)

This marks the end of the Baby Bump (for now!) and the beginning of our life with a daughter. Thanks for journeying with me from the very beginning when Lily was just a thought and a prayer.
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Bienvenue, Lily!


  1. I just wanted to say that I am so glad that I stopped over here(from Facebook) to find out about sweet Lily's name...and it made me cry because our two grandsons here both call Dave 'Pa'.....you chose an awesome name!

  2. love. welcome lily catherine! you are well loved and I pray you will live well.

    hugs to mom and dad! :)

  3. Dear Emily,

    I stumbled upon your blog when I googled the name "Lily Katherine." This post was truly special to read. You see, my little girl is named Lily Katherine (just with a K instead of C). And it makes me so happy to see someone who treasures the name as I do, rather than just seeing it as simply a pretty name. The flower and name are so meaningful and significant to me...

    When I was 19, I found out I was in an unplanned pregnancy out of wedlock. I had so wanted independence and freedom, yet ironically found myself in bondage. The Lord showed me that this child was a gift and though she was conceived in sin, she was not the sin. He has used her life in mighty, marvelous, beautiful ways. He used her life to bring me back to the Lord. He used her life to heal my family and friendships. From the beginning of my pregnancy, before any doctor told me anything, I knew that my girl was indeed, A GIRL. It was as if God Himself whispered to me: "you are carrying a precious little girl and her name is Lily. Lily means purity and innocence. Though you have sinned, this little life is to be a symbol of your renewed innocence and purity in me." He showed me that He was enough and that I was whiter than snow in the eyes of Christ, because of the blood He shed for me on the cross. When I was praying about her middle name (I really knew choosing her name was important and it wasn't just supposed to be pretty, but that God had His fingerprint all over it and cared deeply about something as small as a name) I kept coming back to the name Katherine. When I looked up it's meaning, I was amazed to discover it also means purity. Both her names, both mean purity. As if this wasn't beautiful enough...

    On March 16, 2010 (two days after my due date) I showed up at the hospital to deliver my little girl, only to find out her heart had stopped beating. I was devastated, yet the Lord brought such peace. I knew that He would speak through her life that EACH life is so precious and valuable to Him. This little girl that never took a breath, never spoke a work, and God used her to bring me back to the Lord! He showed me then that her name took on a whole new meaning. Not only is she a symbol of my renewed purity in Christ, but she will forever be pure and innocent. Spotless. Untainted by the world and sin, never to know pain. She only knows the beauty of Heaven. The love of her family and her Savior. She opened her eyes to see His face.

    I find it amazing that you will be naming your next daughter Rose. My middle name is Rose and my mom has always called me her flower and I always call Lily my flower. So the name of my blog is "Rose and Her Lily." I share my journey of my unplanned pregnancy, my loss, and this journey of grief and healing. I would love to have you stop by my blog and read the whole story. This is only a very small part of it. I just wanted to share it with you and I pray you are blessed by it.

    -Hannah Rose