the journey begins again

disclaimer: I AM NOT PREGNANT.

But, I got my period for the first time since Lily was born, meaning, I can GET pregnant. (those were a great 12 months though!)

Time to start planning....


  1. Oh...sad times. I mean, yay if you want to start trying (my friend's son is 15 months old and she STILL hasn't got her period.), but boo to seeing Aunt Flo again. I'm always sad when I get it back. It was about 9.5-10 months post natal before I got it with both the boys. That's like...a year and a half with no period! bliss.

  2. LUCKY! Honestly though, I was relieved, because at least now I know and can plan ahead... We will probably start trying in March-ish but it's hard to long-term plan when you don't know when you'll even be able to start trying again. Especially important when I'm in 2 weddings this year (August and October)and so do NOT want to be 9 months pregnant or with a newborn for them :)