12 weeks today!

first trimester, peace out!

I won't miss you. You are by far the worst part of being pregnant. Scratch that... stretch marks are... but you are dang close! Even with Diclectin this time around it was hard... Nausea was kept at bay once I started taking it (and will SO be taking it from day one with the next pregnancy for sure) but the fatigue was so limiting. Actually, Diclectin heightened fatigue probably 2 fold as it's the most common side effect of the drug. Which was pretty hard before Brad's Paternity leave (only in Quebec does the baby daddy get 5 weeks ON TOP of my one year of Maternity leave!), but is now not a problem since my sainted husband is doing nearly all of Lily's morning feeds and letting me sleep. I'm a lucky woman :)

But, that said, his pat leave is winding down at the perfect time... my energy has been slightly back to normal and in about a week I'll stop taking Diclectin which will hopefully result in even less fatigue, and not result in nausea...

Thought so far:
  1. when you have a baby at home, the 1st trimester's worries (of potential miscarriages, specifically) seem less powerful. I'm thankful to have had Lily as a constant distraction during this season as last time around I had a lot of trouble keeping faith that God holds all things together in his perfection.... that He is in control...that he would provide the grace we need if a miscarriage was our lot... and all of that. I like to think I've grown spiritually since I was pregnant with Lily, but I do believe her as a distraction was also part of my not-so-stressed state this time.
  2. I can not WAIT for this summer and the second trimester. I know I'll have more energy. I will be at the best part of my pregnancy in the best part of the year - Spring and Summer!! Once the 3rd trimester rolls around and my body is hotter than an oven (and we all KNOW I'm not taking about appearance because lets face it - it's the opposite hehe!) it will be Fall and the temp will be oh-so-perfect... oh God's timing with this pregnancy was beautiful!
  3. Lily is increasingly autonomous now that she's sitting by herself, which is nice that I don't have to be with her every second of her awake time. Especially key for those gross-feeling days. On the other hand, she's getting HEAVY (almost 19lbs!) and carrying her little body around is taxing me like no other. Hope she either walks soon or energy comes back to me...
  4. i LOVE being a mom. and i CAN.NOT.WAIT for another babe.


  1. Brooke Anderson25.4.11

    You make me so excited to be a mom Em!!!! Can't wait for my turn someday:) (except for the tired/nauseous part lol that I can wait for! lol)

  2. lol Brooke, you never know, you may not even have it!! My mom ANd mother-in-law both say they weren't nauseous... crazy lucky, but could be you too.