another MM travels the globe...

OK so not the GLOBE. But the continent :)

With Lily in the oven, we traveled twice to Africa, and once to Spain and France. She would have quite the passport if it were required for the unborn to carry them. For Baby #2 it's not looking like we'll do much over seas travel, but this baby will and has hit the USA pretty hard before her/his November birth day. 

We just got back from an enormously encouraging trip to Chicago for the Gospel Coalition conference (will definitely be blogging in time, on Our Nest in the City about that) and in just a few short months we'll be taking up residence in Louisville, Kentucky for all of June and July as Brad studies there for his MDiv at Southern Seminary

I'm so excited for Louisville! Brad will be in classes pretty much all day Monday-Friday, but it's an amazing city, where I actually know a few people already, and have lots to explore with Lilygirl. The seminary where Brad will be studying even has an on-campus clinic for students (and their families) where I can get as many ultrasounds as I want for $5 a pop! Not bad considering in most places in the USA, it's over $100 if you don't have coverage (and we won't since were not American, other than travel insurance). We can't wait to find a church down there and get connected to the community. The temptation when you're in a place for a short time is to just keep to yourself but that's not "us" and definitely not our plan.

And something tells me traveling pregnant to Louisville will be far easier than Africa and Europe, so I'm definitely game!

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