pill popper

I caved. I'm taking it. And only one thought keeps wizzing through my mind.

what was I thinking not taking this sooner!?

I'm loving Diclectin, a drug perscribed for pregnant women to combat nausea. I'd been recommended it by my doctor and other mom/pregnant friends while I was pregnant with Lily but I resisted. I thought I knew better. I was also a bit proud. Seem familiar? Yep. Same as when I thought I would never get an epidural. How pregnancy and childbearing humbles us! 

There are few side effects of note, and the most significant one is fatigue. Like a pregnant women needs more of that, right? But honestly, even the fatigue which is added to my existent fatigue is nothing compared to the glories of feeling perfectly normal every morning. Added bonus, now that my nausea is gone, I no longer feel the urge to vomit when most smells or tastes come my way. Including the smell and taste of coffee. So that's helping :)

One drawback is the price. We have fairly good coverage with our health insurance, provided through our employer, but for some reason Diclectic isn't covered. Nnormally we'd get 80% off prescription meds but we have to pay the full $140/month for this wonder-drug. Thankfully I waited until my 8th week to start taking Diclectin, so I'm only planning on taking it for 4 weeks, and by the time I'm done, I'll be in the second trimester and likely not experiencing nausea anyhow. There may be a few painful days in between, but I'm not getting another month's supply of it, knowing my nausea dissipated at about the 12.5 week mark with Lily.

My advice? Do what's right for you. Trust yourself and your doctor. 
But be very aware of ego and pride. Because they can be very powerful forces in decision making for pregnancy, childbearing, and parenting. And pride is an ugly, ugly thing.

and psssssssssssssst! it comes before the fall.
{prv 16:18}

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  1. Amen to the pride. And doing what's right for you. And Diclectin... heart.