Looks like this time around, people are less certain of the sex of the baby!

With Lily I often heard "I hope you have a girl" and "you look like you're having a boy". I've learned neither of those comments are particularly helpful. First of all, hoping someone will have a certain gender expressed that there's a preference, and that you think one is better than the other. I've been tempted here before. I really wanted a girl, even if all the rest were boys. But thinking that is so dangerous because if that girl never comes, I've set myself up for disappointment. If I have all boys, am I missing out? When I meet someone who has many boys and is pregnant I'm tempted to hope they have a girl, but why? Because I value girls over boys? I'd say no, but that's really how it looks. And whether it's true or not, it's just plain old unhelpful. So lets (me included) cut it ok? Deal?

I have said I hope baby No. 2 is a girl. I'll admit it. It seems it would be the easiest since they'll be so close in age and sharing a bedroom for basically forever since we'll always be city-dwellers in small spaces. Plus we have the clothes. Oh the clothes! It would be a shame for all of those tutus to never be worn again :) But I need to stop it! We'll find out in a few weeks and basically, it's a 50/50 shot either way, so why concern ourselves with it? Why have I set up in my head an ideal? A baby is ideal. Not a girl.

Preachin' to myself. Thanks for listening.

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