can't wait

Tomorrow, as my husband reminded me today (where would I be without him!? missing appointments to say the least...) is my first doctor's appointment with Dr. Hall for baby No. 2. Which means we get to hear his/her heartbeat! What a sweet sweet sound. I have to admit I'm always a bit nervous that we won't hear it or find it. Until tomorrow we've just assumed everything is perfectly fine, but we won't know anything until we hear that heartbeat. Now, with this baby I'm far less concerned. Partly because I've had one healthy baby and all my worrying for Lily was for naught, and partly because Lily is such a great distraction that my mind just can't always go 'there'. It's too busy being present, with her. But it's always a bit scary...

Things that lead me to also worry less (and should have the last time I was pregnant but probably nothing could ease the worries of my first-time-mom-psycho-self) are my growing belly, the slight movements I've been feeling (though 13 weeks is early for that and I didn't feel Lily until around 16-17 weeks), and my continuous nausea and fatigue. It's funny how horrible all of that seems to be, but how wonderful at the same time, because it is all, indeed a sign of LIFE. 

Anyway... tomorrow is the day! Please pray with us and a healthy heartbeat and everything else :)

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