25 things to do:

To-do lists are my favourite thing.
Crossing them off is therapeutic and making them makes me feel so much less overwhelmed, no matter how long the list is. I just saw the one I'd made for Lily's nursery this time last summer and smiled. It always gets done, even though it sometimes seems like it won't :)

This time around, we'll be in the process of finding and buying an apartment, so I can't do anything to the actual nursery/bedroom until we're settled in the new nest (and no one knows exactly when that will be... August? September? October? God-forbid November?). But there's lots of other things I can do to prepare for the boy's arrival and the room Lily will now be sharing...

1. buy fabric for his quilt
2. buy fabric for his blanket
3. sew his blanket
4. 0-3m clothes (fall/winter)
5. 3-6m clothes (winter)
6. 6-9m clothes (spring)
7. 9-12m clothes (summer)
8. 12+m clothes (next fall)
9. wash + organize by month LG's clothes
10. crib bumper in green

11. IKEAwooden train set
12. wooden toys - blocks, etc
13. find/buy dresser for Lily (LG gets her old one)
14. paint/refurbish dresser for Lily
15. find/buy bed for Lily
16. paint bed for Lily
17. find/buy mattress for Lily
18. find/buy bookshelf
19. paint bookshelf
20. find/buy adorable children's rocking chair
(thanks mom!)
21. find/buy some boy's burp clothes
(they're ALL pink)
22. buy spice racks from IKEA for book shelf DIY
23. paint spice racks from IKEA
24. make fun mobile for kid's room
from http://www.annaleahart.com/
25. find/buy/make LG a sock monkey
(if it's less than $10 or $15 I'm just buying it)
So mostly it's a LOT of painting and up-cycling of furniture.
Plus some sewing and a couple of purchases that aren't urgent.
Wonder if my dad will be up for painting some beds this summer?


  1. ah I totally just got coral that exact sock monkey! We were in a thrift store and she found it and fell completely in love with it. Got it for $1.00

  2. Laura that's awesome!!
    Target has them just like in the picture for $14.99, but I don't know if I want to pay that much... though I'm very disinterested in making them - I'm more of a straight-line-sewer :)