So elated!

I just heard yesterday that our friends and neighbours, the Berniers, are having a baby boy just 4 days after LG is due!! LG will have a little buddy in school just exact age, and from a similar background - which will be hard to find in the downtown Montreal school system :)

Dwight and Jess have a little guy already who is about 18 months, so I think a few people were rooting for team pink (as people tend to do when you already have one child of the opposite sex), but not me! I was totally praying and hoping they'd get a second mister to be a great playmate to Nehemiah, their son, and our little guy. So excited!!!

James and my BFF Jamie are due to have their baby, ironically, on Lily's due date of August 28th and they don't yet know the sex. Guess what team I'm rooting for? You guessed it... BLUE.

Jess, Nehemiah, Lily, and I a few months ago.
Soon it'll be us Moms, three boys, and Lily!!

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