The medical office I was recommended to use for my time here as a prego in Louisville was called Advocates for Women. And for the last three and a half weeks, that name seemed quite contradictory. I've been trying to be seen by one of their doctors and have an ultrasound but the paperwork was endless. Not helped by my lack of fax or phone. And once they got my records from my doctor in Montreal, they didn't want to take me on for just one visit, because it was too great a liability. But after e-mailing back and forth with the correspondent there, and getting nowhere, I decided today that enough was enough. I packed up Lily and drove to their office to speak to someone in person. Phone would have sufficed, but we don't have one yet. And what a difference it made!

I finally found my advocate in a blessed woman named Krista.

When I explained my situation - that I was only here for 9 weeks and I was exactly 20 weeks pregnant today, and that I needed my 20 week ultrasound, and that in Canada, if I didn't get it between 19-22 weeks, I'd have to wait until the final 32 week ultrasound, and that I didn't know where else to go for my predicament, oh that's when things got good. Krista left the room to be my advocate to the doctor who said I was too great a liability, only to return in a few seconds with a beaming smile on her face. "He'll do it!" she said, as if it were a personal victory for her and she was as relieved as I was.

God, thank you for answering my prayers today, in the very person of Krista. Everything I asked you to do, you did, through this woman.

My ultrasound, appointment, and when I'll find out the sex of Lily's sibling are TOMORROW @ 2pm. Tomorrow! I am so thankful and relieved. Tomorrow, almost four weeks of frustration will pay off. Going down there was such a good decision. I didn't want to because it was hot, we don't have a car with AC, and I'd have to take Lily during her nap time, but all of those things seem worth it now. Tomorrow. 2pm. YES!

Oh, and this ultrasound and appointment will cost me a pretty $400 penny since I'm here in the States. Gulp. I know Our provincial insurance will cover it back home (Just for being Canadian, hello!), and if for some reason they don't, our insurance through work will, but I still have such a hard time swallowing that pill - $400 cash to see a doctor and find out the details about the health of your baby. The same procedure that in Canada is FREE in public health care, and only $75, should you choose to go to a private clinic. Definitely not idea or fair, but I'm thankful to have the appointment, and that God has provided for us, allowing us to front that beastly bill.

Tomorrow. 2pm. Can't wait! 


  1. Hey Em, Im really happy for you!!
    Just wondering where in Montreal I can get it done for $75? I need to book my last ultrasound at a private clinic because we will be out of town during the only times available at the hospital. I was told by a couple of doctors that it will cost around $200, but of course is covered by insurance. $75 would be great if I could find that!

  2. at Dr. Hall's doctors office, I was told there are a few doctors in the building that do it for about $75. I was given the names but it was hard to get a hold of them via telephone. I never did do in person, though I should have (today taught me how efficient that can be!)

    What you'll have to do is probably call some of the doctors offices in Dr. Hall's building on Cote des Neiges (I'm sure the numbers are available through google - I don't have them here with me) and if calling takes too long, just head down in person.

  3. Wow... I don't know what we would have done if we had to pay $400... ours was free and completely covered by insurance. But it's definitely wise to get an ultrasound done- we never would have known Woods has kidney problems if we hadn't had one before he was born. Can't wait to hear if it's a boy or a girl!!

  4. EEEEk so excited for you Emily! Cant wait to find out the gender of that beautiful baby!

  5. Anonymous21.6.11

    OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!! so excited!
    waiting, waiting, waiting for you to post :)