OK so it's been a while since I blogged about this pregnancy. Honestly, there's not much to tell. It's going great, no symptoms except fatigue (which I've basically had for 2 years now so I don't tend to even think about it as a "symptom" but more so as my constant-reality!), and no word yet on when I'm having my ultrasound.

I've signed the necessary forms and now I just need to scan them to the e-mail address of the lady I've been in contact with at Advocates for Women - the women's health clinic I'm going to for my prenatal care while I'm here. Then they'll fax my doctor in Montreal, acquire my files, and hopefully take me on as a patient (read: BOOK MY ULTRASOUND!)

My bump is really showing now, which is super fun. I continue to be thankful for my dear friend Loni who, two summers ago, lent me her grey maternity shorts from Thyme. It's my second summer living in them and I LOVE them. I also picked up some maternity leggings from Target that are amazing. I wear them any day the temperature is under 85 degrees.

Lily and I went shopping at the Goodwill store today and got some amazing things! I found a beautiful, perfect condition Beatrix Potter sleep sack with arms that has a kimono closure. I can't wait to wrap a newborn baby up in it. It is beautiful, is gender-neutral, and for $3 how could I leave it at the store?

Another incredible find were the $2 Pottery Barn Kids bumper pads. I decided to forgo buying bumper pads with Lily because I'd heard babies can suffocate in them. Plus we didn't have the extra $30 odd dollars, and no one bought them for us (easy decision). But then once we put Lily in the crib as a newborn we saw how silly the fears were and learned that something like 2 babies have died from that cause in the last ten years, and it wasn't ever fully proven as the main cause of death - just speculative in SIDS cases. Now, I'm all for safety, and since some think they're unsafe, I'd never try to convince someone to use them in their child's crib, but Lily didn't even roll until she was 6 months old, and though she's rolling now at nearly 10 months, she's currently sleeping in a crib with bumper pads (the home we're subletting has them), and we see no cause for concern. In fact, my main concern is that they're not high enough! Lily often gets her ankle stuck between the spindles which probably hurts a bit, but mainly scares her when she can't get it out.

this is the only Pottery Barn pic I could fine and it's in the wrong colour... but you get the idea - awesome.

Anyway, I told Brad I really wanted to get bumper pads for this baby because they add such a nice touch to any nursery and would potentially prevent any more ankle incidents - plus Target had the perfect set that would match Lily's green and orange nursery that she'll soon be sharing. I was prepared to spend the $30, but then saw light green and white gingham bumper pads by Pottery Barn Kids for $2 today! FYI, I looked them up and they retail for about $89.00. Huzzah!

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