more names rejected...

Since our boy name is already chosen (and left over from when we didn't know if Lily were to be a girl or boy), the real trouble for us has been finding a girl name. Here's a short list of names I'd love to use that my hubby has rejected:
  1. Penny
  2. Penelope
  3. Zoe (fair enough, his mom had a pet named Zoe so I get it...)
  4. Chloe (can you tell I have a thing for names that end in the sound "ee"?)
  5. Beatrice (B or Bia for short)
  6. Camille
  7. Isla
  8. Mai (pronounced "May" but spelled the French way)
There are a couple others I didn't list because he hasn't said no yet... so I'm holding out hope! And only one name we both like, but haven't agreed is "the one" yet...

This is hard work!!


    1. srsly?! he rejected Camille? remind him how BEAUTIFUL that name is w a french accent! i work w a girl named Camille and she is just the sweetest thing ever! i have really taking a liking to that name.

      also what are your thoughts on the name Ava?

    2. i KNOW amands... I'm mourning it too. It was probably my favourite of that whole list. Brad doesn't like it in English (which she would be called often since our entire families are anglophone) "Cam-eel" - as for me, I can't decide which language I like it best in! I think they're both beautiful!

      Ava is among the names we both like but havent made a decision. We LOVED it when we were deciding on Lily's name, but somehow it faded away for a bit and now we like it less (meaning that we still do really like it, but it's not as easy a decision now...plus there are other names we both agree on :)

    3. Penelope and Isla are my favorites on your list- so pretty! I can't wait to find out if it's a girl or a boy!

    4. thanks Amanda :) Too bad NONE of the names on the list can be used since Brad has said he doesn't really like them...

      I could close my eyes and pick ANY name on that list and be thrilled. Le Sigh.