waiting game...


We don't have a cell phone yet, so I haven't been able to call the doc whom I was recommended yet, so I don't have an appointment yet, so I don't know the sex of the baby yet. To all wondering.

I need to wait a few more days for our phone to work, but I've decided that on Monday, I'm actually driving to her office and personally requesting an appointment. None of this calling in business. That's for people with phones, after all.

So no news on the baby gender front.

Some exciting news, I've started feeling baby no.2 kick a lot! I was getting nervous because up until a couple days ago I hadn't felt much and people have mentioned I don't even look pregnant here. Which is funny, because at the beginning my belly ballooned. I was wearing maternity cloths like 2 months SOONER than with Lily. But the belly has plateaued and I'm normal, if not on the small side for my progress into the 17th week. Which was slightly worrisome, because I LOVE to worry apparently... until I started feeling kicks. First small slight ones, and now the type that interrupt my sleep.

What a beautiful reason to not be getting much sleep :)

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