8 more weeks?

I really really really want to go early. 

Not dangerously early, but earlier than 8 weeks from now.
Even 1 week early, as Lily was, would be a glorious light at the end of the tunnel. To be able to picture 7 more instead of 8 more (and so on and so on as the weeks pass)...

I was reflecting on how different this pregnancy is than mine was with Lily, and things I was doing last July when I was 8 weeks away from having Lily, and well, it's a different world entirely.

It was a heatwave and I was metro-ing and walking all over town picking up secondhand baby gear and clothing for Lily. I was painting her bedroom, refinishing furniture, and walking to church (which is not far but all up hill) right til the end. 

With LG, I have 2 months to wait (if he comes on time or late) and already I'm essentially on bed rest as of yesterday. Not doctor-enforced bed rest (I see her on Tuesday and have my 32 week ultrasound on Thursday so she won't do or say much til then), but I-know-my-body-bed-rest. The kind where the second I don't need to be with Lily, my feet are up or I'm lying down. That's how painful even standing and moving is right now. I just can't imagine 8 more weeks!

I did some serious re-evaluating today and though I'm desperate to paint my kitchen cabinets along with the rest of our house, I think the cabinets will wait. Many friends have offered to help us paint the house and we'll gladly be taking them up on that, but the cabinets we wanted to do ourselves and ensure we do a really careful job. Plus they'll take around 3 days to complete and with house painting going on, we'd rather not start that project too. Mainly too because anytime I've typed "we" I mean Brad, as I'm in no place for such things.

So, assuming LG comes in 8 weeks (technically he'd be 2 days early as of this evening, so that's still better than the full amount of time!), these are the things my prego self will have done: packed 1 home up and unpacked into another, moved into a newly painted home (only made possible by our friends!) and traveled to Ontario to be the maid of honour in a wedding.

Pray for me, I don't quite know how it's all going to work!

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