32 week update

I went to my doctor's this morning for a check up. She confirmed, medically, what I was suspecting, emotionally and physically. 

LG is measuring big. She did a vaginal exam to confirm, and my uterus is very low, though still completely closed (thank goodness). So while there's no dilation, she's concerned that he may come as much as 2-3 weeks early, based on my body's response to him at 32 weeks. My core back and vaginal muscles are weak and probably didn't heal fully after Lily's birth, and he's low enough to be putting tremendous pressure on them - hence the pain and discomfort.

So practically, this means I need to be off my feet whenever possible. In the home it's not too hard. Lily can read a book on my lap, etc. But it means I need to cut back significantly on the walking. This past Sunday we asked a friend to drive me to church (a short, but all up hill walk) and that will have to be the new norm. And today I did a very hard thing: I called my best friend, who is getting married 7 hours away, 4 weeks from now, and told her I couldn't come. 

Some serious implications to LG measuring big and low and my body not holding him or responding well to him. I'm fine, though my weight is a tad low and my blood pressure a tad high. And she suspects I'll remain fine, so long as I take it easy. 

Looks like I should add some earlier dates to my LG's due date voting poll... Most seem to think he'll come November 2nd (4 days early) but I may have to scale back to October a bit more.  Please be praying for LG (he's completely healthy though, not to worry!) and me as I make some serious changes and deal with some significant discomfort.


  1. Aww Em, so sorry you are experiencing such discomfort :(

    Will definitely be praying for you and sorry you have to miss out on your good friends wedding. Really hope this little guy comes early, as to ease this discomfort.

  2. Aw hun, so sorry you had to back out of your friend's wedding. I know you had that all factored in when you get pregnant. Life has a way of throwing curve balls at us, eh? (Completely NO pun intended there.)
    Count your blessings (for there are many), enjoy sweet Lily and ask for loads of help. I would be there in a heartbeat if I could. ;)
    God is teaching you much through this.

  3. Thanks girls.
    I'm so grateful for my dear friend Missy, who is now down one maid of honour. She was so gracious and only asked about my and the baby's health, that was her main concern. We definitely shed tears over me missing her big day, but I know she understands fully so that has taken a huge burden off my shoulders.