reality check

Baby Audrey was over the other day, unfortunately not under the best of circumstances. 
James and Jamie, on top of enduring their first week of parenthood (oh, how I remember that week, and it was NOT all roses as I'd thought!), discovered bed bugs and were evicted while the fumigator took care of the pests. 

Apparently after spraying their apartment, it only takes about 4 hours for the space to become "safe" for a healthy adult, but with a 5 day old baby, well, you don't take chances! So they were off to spend the night at a friend's apartment, but needed a place to spend the early evening until it became available. Obviously I was THRILLED at the chance to have Jamie and Audrey over, but wished it was for a better reason!

While Jamie took some much needed alone time and did some pumping (I did a LOT of pumping with Lily to increase my supply and can imagine I'll do the same with LG... not looking forward!), I took Audrey off her hands. The thing was, it was dinner time and Lily was still awake.

So I cooked dinner, kept my eyes on Lil, and held precious Audrey. Can I just say, WOW. This is going to be an adjustment having TWO. I know people have many more than two children and get it done, and I plan to be one of those people, but it will be a big change from just needing to care for Lily, that's for sure! It was a big time reality check, especially at hectic times like making dinner.

Thankfully, when it's my newborn, my home will be ready for him. I didn't have a bouncy-seat or a safe place to lay Audrey during the craziness, and that would have helped. I also didn't have a safe place for Lily since we're moving, so I had to barricade her into the kitchen with me as I cooked, Audrey in arm. So instead of Lily playing in her baby-gated bedroom (which we REALLY need to buy!) and Audrey happily bouncing along as I cooked dinner, it was more like a scene from Family Circus.

I was thankful for the reminder, that in 7 weeks things will be even crazier than now. 
I'm thankful for bed rest, as it's giving me a reminder and excuse to RELAX while I still can.
Even if relaxing these days looks much differently than it did before kids!

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